David K Whiting

David K Whiting – Professional music video actor in Kent

“If music be the food be love, play on!”

Wise words indeed William! Hi, my name is David K Whiting and I'm a professional and experienced music video actor in Kent. As well as taking part in many notable music videos over the past ten years; I have also landed some significant roles in more traditional acting mediums like television, movies and theatre productions. The most notable being my lead role in The Tempest, in which I received an Offies nomination for best Male performance. Outside of the music and acting industries I am the owner and director of a rather successful commercial company, but acting has been my main passion in life (as well as my love for the guitar and poetry).

So if you are looking for a multitalented music video actor in Kent (and nationwide) please visit my site:

https://www.davidkwhiting.com/ for more information or to check my availability.

David K Whiting – Experienced Guitarist and Music Video Actor in Kent

Over the past ten years I have built a rather robust portfolio of credits within the music video acting sector, a full breakdown of my roles and the projects can be found on my 'link' section of my website here. Below though I have listed some of my more recent music video acting roles.


My latest project was a small part in the song IHMINEN by M X who were an absolute pleasure to work with. The project itself was a very sombre depiction on the harshness of civil war depicted from opposing perspectives, the emotions and angry catharsis of revenge during war time.

The Burnt Tapes – Yuzi.

The Burnt Tapes are a melodic punk-rock band based in London (actually from Kent!) who have a very unique take on the 'post-punk' style of punk rock. While the concept behind this music video doesn't cover quite as serious of a topic it is still impactful non the less. I thoroughly enjoyed my time acting with this group and highly recommend their music!

Homebound – Indelible.

Another great music video acting project working with the wonderful lads from Homebound. The content of the video centres around the relationship of two seniors who are presented as experiencing relationship issues. AS the video progresses however it's evident that his partner has passed and he wishes he appreciated her more when she was around and have 'one last dance'.

A full and comprehensive list of portfolio is available on my site if you wish to discover more.

If you are looking to hire me for a music video acting role and you are based in Kent (or nationwide) then please make a formal enquiry either through my site here: https://www.davidkwhiting.com/contact or you can contact my agent on 020 3189 1441.

David K Whiting.