David K Whiting


Please find my credits listed below.

2020 Chelsea Perkins Tom DK Delight Productions
2020 Legacy Graig London Film School
2019 Apple Father Upwell Pictures
2019 The Lost Pirate Kingdom Thomas Walker World Media Rights
2019 MX Ensemble / IHMINEN Father Sakari Lerkkanen
2019 Fungus Tom Individual Producer/Production
2019 Xposed B for Bertie & Q for Queenie Bertie Full Disclosure Theatre
2019 The Day Therein Morris Individual Producer/Production
2019 Coldbones Voice Poem Anabasis Media
2018 The Burnt Tapes / Yuzi Man Luigi Sibona
2018 Wonderland Mr Bacall Josh Baylis
2018 Red Sky At Night Frank Individual Producer/Production
2018 The Break In Kevin Individual Producer/Production
2018 Outlaw Don Upwall Pictures
2018 Homebound / Indelible Husband Anabasis Media
2018 Cold Bones / Lost Man Anabasis Media
2018 Intimate Tristan London Film Academy
2017 Twenty Eighteen Kitchener PDSA Productions
2017 Exposed (Something About Billy) Kevin Full Disclosure Theatre
2017 The Legend of Holly Turner Bill Turner Richard Phillips Productions
2017 Final Reckoning Robert Joseph Laredo
2017 Willbotts Wands Wizard Willbotts Wands
2017 The Letter Father Met Film School
2017 The Real Story of Hacksaw Ridge Late Desmond Doss World Media Rights
2017 God's Lonely Man Pilgrim Falmouth University
2016 Friendly Fire Caretaker K K Productions
2016 The Tempest Prospero Company C Theatre Troupe
2016 Last Of England Model Last Of England
2016 Third Quarter Will A Medium Rare Production
2016 Vodafone Lifestyle Grandad Oliver Agency
2016 Lost Souls Jeremy Run Around Productions
2016 Fallen Angel George Kate Loughran
2015 No Man's Land Geoff London Film School
2015 Never Ending Night Alfred Johnson Truth Underground Theatre
2015 House of Lions / Supernova Dave Edward Botwood Smith
2015 Axa Global Protect Academic Oliver Agency
2015 Doctors Eps 119 Gerald Higgins BBC Birmingham Drama
2015 Example / Whisky Story Drunk Caviar
2015 TOURIST / Holding On Man Compulsory Viewing
2015 Dr G and the Singularity Engine Dr G LCC
2015 Essence Of A Soul Oliver LCC
2015 The Three Sisters Ferapont The Company Arts Theatre
2014 To Meet A Sun Died Amber Boatman Jonny Dry Productions
2014 Time is a Strange Memory Dream Maker LCC
2014 Cryptic Veil Man London College of Communications
2014 Happy Camera Stock Model Macro
2013 PBS Secrets of Britain Mr Selfridge Pioneer Productions Ltd
2013 Face Father No Barking and ZigZagZig Productions
2013 League Of Legends: Blind Ambition Reginald Ashram K&K Productions Ltd
2013 Weather that Changed the World French Soldier Pioneer Productions Ltd
2012 Kaufman's Game Man on Tube Ellipsis Films Ltd
2012 Wellcome Trust Robert Merivel Paul Fenn Films
2012 NHS/DLKW Lowe Friend Still Productions
2012 The Second Chance Driver Cinemadiccion
2012 MEAT Bill Garrett Tape Head Films
2012 Chapter One Charles Royal Holloway University
2011 Process Shopkeeper RETZ
2011 Doppelganger Tramp Unthank Alliance
2011 The Psychiatrist Michael Strathie Film
2011 NIV - The Power of Words Homeless Man Keen City Productions Ltd
2011 Ground Floor Mr X Strathie Film
2010 Dracula Renfield/Dracula Otherplace Productions
2010 Matthew P / Gilly Mr Trenchcoat Davey Inc Ltd
2010 Sitting Pretty Maxx Bromley Little Theatre
2010 Dolls Can't Cry Man Doll Modalfish Productions Ltd
2010 Lee Nelson's Well Good Show Series 1 Press Reporter Avalon Television Ltd
2010 The infidel Viral Promotion Trailer Jewish Audience Member Slingshot
2009 Cross Factor (X Factor Spoof) Drunk Comedy Box
2008 Nokia iLlustrator Partizan
2008 Taking Flight Old Man Duncan Catterall Productions Ltd
2007 The Monkeys Paw Mr White Virtual Theatre Company
2007 Orpheus Apollo Mach7 Productions
2007 E.ON Wind Of Change Dapper Gent HSI London
2007 Crimewatch Solved Keith Slater BBC Television
2007 A Turn in the Road Geoff Happy Feet Productions
2006 DFS Vox Pop DFS
2006 Twisted Tale of Bloody Mary Serf TV Choice
2004 Celebrations Trilogy Peter Jones Buchanan Theatre
2003 Family Affairs Interflora Man Thames Television
2002 Time to Say Goodbye Barry K L Productions