David K Whiting

David K Whiting – Professional film actor and theatre actor in Kent

Hi, my name is David K whiting and I'm a professional film and theatre actor from Kent. I am currently available to take part in various sectors of the acting industry ranging from theatre, film and music video acting. I am a multi-skilled performer with experience in not only theatre, film and music video acting but also as a trained musician, poet and improviser.

If you are interested in hiring me for any music video, film or acting role in Kent or any other area please visit my site for a full breakdown of my experience and skills.

A little more about me

In my professional life I am the managing director for a rather successful pipe freezing company based in Kent, however my love and passion for the arts eventually drove me to find a more creative outlet for my time. While I remain active within my main business I have dedicated all of my personal time over the past eighteen years to improve, study and refine my acting and performance skills to ensure that any theatre, film or music acting role I've undertaken has been delivered to highest level I can.

This process for me is still ongoing and while I would definitely consider myself a well-rounded actor and performer, I continue still to this day to improve my skill set (as recent as 2019 I undertook a course at The Actors Temple).

My Complete Portfolio – Film and Theatre Actor in Kent

Below I have listed a few of my roles as well as my nominations and awards.

The Tempest – Prospero – The Tempest is a classic work of Shakespeare that centres around a very human story of loss, revenge and ultimately reconciliation and cathartic. It's the tragic and magical story of Prospero (played by myself) the Duke of Milan and his daughter who get shipwrecked, the ensuing chaos is a story of mutiny and plotting and conflict.


  • Cast as Tom in short SFX dark fairy tale Fungus (in post-production 2019)
  • Nominated lead actor for Kevin in The Break In, Southampton International Film Festival 2019
  • Nominated best actor for Will in The Third Quarter, New Renaissance Film Festival London 2019
  • Nominated best actor for Tristan in short film Intimate, Rome Film Festival 2019
  • Cast as Frank in Red Sky At Night (In post-production 2019)
  • Cast as Bill Turner in The Legend Of Holly Turner 2018 (in post-production)

So if you are looking for a professional theatre and film actor please don't hesitate to make an enquiry for my site or by calling my agent directly. I look forward to working with you.